Sydney’s best value Easter School Holiday activities for the Family! Great for all ages, FastLane Karting is perfect for that affordable family day out. With Twin Karts for the youngsters, Junior Karts for 8-12 year olds and Senior Karts for the rest of us, even Mum and Dad can get involved!

Trading hours are as follows for the second week of the school holidays:

Monday – Thursday: 9:00am – 10pm
Friday 25th (ANZAC DAY) : 10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – Midnight
Sunday: 9:00am – 8:00pm

We are playing the Fastlane version of 2-Up this ANZAC Day. Flip a coin at the counter, gamble on a head or tail and the winner gets a $10.00 track pass!!

Check out our top value Special Holiday Offers:

  • Every time you purchase a Family Fun Pass online, that is 8 track passes for 4 drivers, you receive 2 FREE delicious Pizza Hut pizzas, delivered fresh to you. Offer is only valid during school holidays (11th April – 28th April) – Click HERE to buy now!
  • Pizza not your thing? Arriving and driving? Try our freshly made Hot Dog and Slushy combo for only $5.
  • Receive a FREE Pepsi Max with your entry into the new Drift Kart Challenge.

Easter Holidays

April is AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH, and on Sunday the 27th Sydney’s best value Go Karting venue, FastLane Karting, is hosting a major fundraising event to support a beautiful cause. image

Autism is a brain development disorder that affects a person’s attention span and their ability to interact and socialise, as well as their coordination skills, causing physical health issues. This disorder affects an estimate of one in every 100 Australians (that’s 230, 000 people!) and is a lifelong disability.
While consistent care is needed, the quality of life for those affected by Autism can be improved through early diagnosis, treatment and support networks, and Austism Spectrum Australia, or ‘Aspect‘, is the most well known organisation in Australia.

Aspect’ provides people living with an Autism disorder, as well as their families, with a range of information and services to support and meet their needs. And as a non-profiting organisation, funding is needed. ‘Aspect‘ relies on the generosity of volunteers and donors to continuously provide such support.

Get involved this month at FastLane Karting by participating at our fundraiser. Race down and enjoy a sausage sizzle, raffle draw and purchase Track Passes online for a little fun on the side! All proceeds will go to the Autism Spectrum Australia.

Sunday the 27th of April, from 2pm until 8pm!


CLICK HERE to purchase your Family Fun Passes for donation!

360_autism_siblings_1221Autism Ribbon-web

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FastLane Karting is home of the $10 Track Pass and parent to all ultimate karting experiences.

Ask anyone! I’ve met fans both old and new from all over the Campbelltown and Macarthur district, and the answer has always been clear!

And to be even clearer… What exactly does make FastLane Karting the ultimate and best value venue in Sydney?

Mates Rates and free stuff for Facebook fans

$10 Track Passes – buy them HERE

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Brand new Drift Karts

Pepsi Max Biz Card Proof 2 And last but not least, our latest attraction – The Pepsi Max Challenge! Kick up some dust on the Go Karting track with the brand new Drift Karts


Pepsi Max Biz Card Proof 2The next ‘Big Thing’ has skidded straight through the doors of FastLane Karting and is ready for action. All that’s missing is you!

Allow me to introduce to you, the PEPSI MAX CHALLENGE.
Fastlane Karting are launching the much anticipated Pepsi Max Drift Challenge at this years Top Gear Festival by adding Fastlane’s incredible $10 Track pass deal during the weekend of the 8th-9th of March.

The Pepsi Max challenge is to reach the top10 on Fastlane’s leader board which is displayed in the kiosk area. The top 10 will also be posted weekly on Fastlane’s Facebook fan page. Each week on Tuesday the leader board will be cleared and ready for stacking. Tuesday nights will be the starting point of the weeks build up of fastest lap times on our Rimo Evo4 karts for both juniors and senior and family karting. So any normal track pass will be counted on the Top10. At 9pm on Tuesday any person on the top10 will have the opportunity to buy a normal $20 track pass (No promo or special deals included in this) and drive the Fastlane Drift Kart on changed track conditions to set the Fastlane Pepsi Max top time on the Drift Kart. Drifting with zero traction on special tyre inserts takes heaps of skill and concentration to get around the track without spinning out. It’s heaps of fun and very entertaining to watch. Sideways drifting with wheels spinning at full revs out of some corners is the fastest way around while coming in too hot will see you in the tyres and out of the game! Pepsi Max are putting up drinks and prizes to those WHO CAN DRIVE… The challenge lasts throughout the week from Monday to Friday. Weekend karting and times are not included. End of Month prizes, Pepsi Max Drinks and drift kart trophy are all up for grabs. So get a few mates together and get in the Fastlane for some serious drift action this winter.

The Drift Kart
A standard Rimo Evo4 Go Kart with 6.5 horsepower motor and safety harness, roll protection and crash bars. The rear wheels have hard plastic inserts added that provide enough traction to get moving at around running pace but not enough traction to grip like normal rubber tyres. The drift kart takes double the time to go around the track as compared to normal karts due to no traction or grip on the surface. Overall the experience is similar to having an overpowered car driving in the wet on bald tyres. In other words heaps of fun.

The Track changes
For those familiar with Fastlane’s 550 metre, all weather, outdoor Go Kart racing track under lights for day and night racing, turn 1 is at the end of the main straight. Then up near the V.I.P area at turn 2 the track changes. It does a hard left into the Power Pit (Burnout Area) and widens to over 9 meters providing heaps of room for demos, drifting and of course smoking tyres. The track then enters back in at turn 9 just in time for the crowd waiting at the windows watching your drifting skills or to see you in the tyres.

The Track times
An average time at Fastlane karting on normal racing slicks at a hot temperature is about 40.00 secs. As the crowd start to come in during the week these times will continually be beaten. Tuesdays is the safest bet and easiest way to get onto the Top10 leader board in order to be eligible for the Pepsi Max Challenge. Drifting is not easy and we would like to make sure that people can drive before they attempt the drift karts. At the moment the Wig has the Lap record on drift karts with a 53.75 secs. We expect this time to be smashed as keen drivers start to learn the finer points of getting the best lap times.
Chaz Mostert

Our Sponsors
All this wouldn’t be possible without our amazing sponsors.Thanks for your support, prizes and Freebies. We love it and you guys!!

Pepsi Max

After Hours Design

Tree Top Adventure Park

Top Gear

Spitfire Paintball




One of the first to attempt the Pepsi Max Skid Kart is Chaz Mostert – Click HERE to watch him drive!!




Kidz Karting Klub – register now!

There’s no better way to beat those back-to-school blues than to enroll in Kidz Karting Klub! A great way for kids between 8 to 16 years of age to make new friends and socialize, win great prizes and gain some valuable racing knowledge!

At FastLane Karting, it’s super affordable at $35 per child each week, and that includes all training, practice runs and competitions where you race for points. Great value!

Come the end of the series, there will be a presentation night awarding prizes and winners trophies, with an End Of Series Excursion to complete this ultimate Kidz Karting Klub experience. Who can say no?

View our Facebook Fan Page for all the Kidsz Karting Fun!!

Register your child’s name today! Call us on (02) 9820 4422 or sign up online!



Fastlane Karting at Top Gear Festival 2014

Fastlane Karting will be at Top Gear Festival Sydney 2014!!

Great news, Fans!

Our people from Sydney’s best value Go Karting company, FastLane Karting, will once again be strutting our stuff at the 2014 Top Gear Festival in Sydney on the 8th & 9th of March.

This year’s stand will be promoting our $10 Track Pass special as well as our newest venture, The Pepsi Max Challenge; where participants put their driving skills to the test with FastLane Kartings  ultimate Drift Kart experience.

Need a ticket? Our special connections allow a discount on our behalf, so CLICK HERE for cheap admission!

Need transport? Our sister business Sydney Party Bus has the needs of our fans covered, with a FREE party bus to and from the Top Gear Festival, boarding and returning to FastLane Karting on the day of the event, so feel free to hitch a ride and travel into Eastern Creek circuit and back home in style with the FastLane Crew; and maybe even get in some track time while you’re at it! Times still to be confirmed.

Want to win a FREE TICKET? Visit Fastlane Karting’s Facebook Fan Page now to enter the competition we have running. Share the picture and tag your mate you want to take with you. 10 Tickets to be won – so be quick and enter now!!

Top Gear 20% off GA tickets




Spend Australia Day doing something exciting and memorable! Call us on (02) 9820 4422 to make a booking now, or simply arrive and drive on the day if you’ve got a small group.




Trading hours are as follows:
Sunday, 25th January – 9:00am until 8:00pm
Monday, 26th January – 9:00am until 6:00pm
Have a safe and happy Australia Day!



The differences between Indoor and Outdoor Go Karting both vary and both affect the quality of your experience. The following are important factors to think about before you choose your Go Karting venue!

laclan at turn 9 clevelan behindHelmet Safety:

FastLane Karting‘s open-face helmets and disposable hairnets are the easiest, healthiest and safest way to deliver head protection to our clients. It is a proven FACT that cold, flu and other serious germs stay and breed in full-faced helmets, especially when worn by multiple people. FastLane Karting welcomes people to bring their own helmets or use our Australian Safety Approved open-faced helmets that are free of charge!

Track size:

Indoor tracks have a much smaller area to work with, thus resulting in a shorter and tighter track. A tighter track means sharp bends, and without the appropriate cushioning and  absorption on tight corners and unprotected pylons, the activity can quickly become very dangerous. Concrete floors do not provide much traction, and are also common in factory units.


This can be a serious problem on indoor tracks. Heat, fumes from the fuel, and dust that is scattered easily can affect your well being as well as your Go Karting experience, especially where most indoor venues either have a small number of windows or opt for air-conditioning, neither of which are sufficient enough to prevent serious discomfort or health risks.

And remember, real motor racing does not happen in a factory unit! There are many things to consider when opting for Go Karting to ensure your experience is not only enjoyable, but also SAFE.

Click and check out OUR TRACK now to get a feel for things!

Satisfy your need for speed with FastLane Karting‘s ultimate drifting action every week day from 4:00pm until 5:00pm when the sprinklers get switched on!


How to drift in a Go Kart:

Step 1. Approach the corner at a comfortable speed. Make sure this isn’t the top speed, because then you won’t be able to speed up more once you start the drift!

Step 2. Quickly turn away from the inside of the corner.

Step 3. Before the kart goes in the other direction, make a hard, quick turn back to the corner and lean your body to the opposite side you are drifting to, so if you are drifting right lean left, if you are drifting left lean right until the end of the entire drift.

Step 4. Turn your tires to the outside of the turn.

Step 5. You should be slightly drifting now, but to increase your slide, hit your accelerator and then hit the brakes.

Step 6. To decrease your slide, hit the brakes and then hit the accelerator.

Step 7. When you are parallel to the turn, accelerate as fast as you can, and you should come out of the turn gracefully and with style.

Like us on Facebook and upload photos of your drifting experience!

DeansantaHello there, FastLane Fans, a quick word from the Boss!

The excitement of finishing school or work and kicking back these Christmas Holidays is almost unbearable as we prepare to relax and spend some quality time with family and friends, so I thought I’d throw in some wise words of wisdom for summer activity ideas.
If you’re looking for something super exciting for a great price, the rides at FastLane Karting hold no comparison whatsoever to any other amusement centres around! Being completely in control of your ride makes the Go Karting experience 100 times more exciting.

FastLane Karting is:

Affordable – $10 track passes for a limited time and excellent meal deals, such as Hot Dog and Slushy combo’s for only $5 or Pizza Hut pizzas for only $10!

Quick – no huge lines to wait in, and first priority when making bookings!

Versatile – our 550m go karting track is open no matter the weather – rain, hail or shine, just makes it all the more exciting!

Fully equipped – with a barbeque, shaded seating areas and an extra special V.I.P area, free with every group booking!

I’ll also let you in on a few little track secrets for the summer…

The trackside sprinklers were accidentally left on one day recently, and a group of guys had so much fun with it on the track that we’ve decided to let them run for all of our fans! At 4-5pm each weekday, you can bring your mates and get some serious drifting action happening on turns 2 and 14! And when you race on down to take advantage of our own personal Wet n’ Wild, you can also take advantage of our $10 Track Pass deal, exclusive to FastLane Karting in Minto for these Summer holidays only. That’s 50% off our standard prices!

CLICK HERE to buy now.

If you’re looking to fix those adrenaline cravings with some mates, ask our friendly staff at the counter for a Family Pass as Fans‘, this will get you 8 track passes for a group of 4 drivers for $120, saving $40. Normally this offer is only available to families of four, but hey, WE LOVE OUR FANS so there’s no need to be a family to get this offer!

Are you Facebook addicted? So are we. Check in at FastLane Karting in Minto, like our page or share us with your friends and we’ll hook you up with some mates rates and free stuff! We love good feedback, and love getting our name out there!

Most importantly, DRIVE SAFE!
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all,

Dean Choma