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  • Closed in shoes must be worn (no thongs, or open toe shoes)
  • No loose clothing permitted (scarves, long skirts, hoods, etc) disposable race suits are provided
  • Drivers wearing headscarves or with hair too long to be tucked in / tied up must wear a provided race suit


  • PEDALS Right foot to accelerate, left foot to brake – only use one pedal at a time (no double-pedalling)
  • NO CONTACT Avoid crashing, or making any contact with the track edges or other Karts
  • PPE Helmets & Seat belts must be worn correctly at all times when Go-Karting
  • SAFETY If you crash; take your feet off the pedals, raise your hands & stay in your Kart
  • TRACK DIRECTION Main Track is anti-clockwise, Drift Track is clockwise (one-way only)
  • GIVING WAY Give way to faster drivers by pulling to the side in hashed out safety areas
  • DURING RACE Pay attention to all signs, flags, and communication from track staff
  • END OF RACE When signalled, drive into pits at a walking pace. Stay in your kart until instructed to exit
  • VALUABLES Avoid carrying valuables during a race as they can fall onto the track, lockers are available for $2
  • HELMETS Helmets are provided, drivers may use their own providing they’re Australian Standards approved


  • WAIVERS are electronically signed at the check-in kiosks when you first register
  • UNDER 18’s All drivers under the age of 18 must have a filled out a white indemnity form signed by parent/guardian over the age of 18
  • Indemnity Forms (for under 18’s) are at the front counter, or can be downloaded here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!


  • Green Flag – Start of race (used in race tournaments)
  • Yellow Flag – Slow down immediately (hazard ahead)
  • Orange Flag – Ride is over, return to pit lane at a walking pace
  • Checkered Flag – Race is over, slow down and return to pit lane at a walking pace (used in race tournaments)


  • Green Light – Make your way onto to track
  • Yellow Light – Slow down, accident ahead
  • Red Light – Return to pit lane at a walking pace

If you have any questions, please call our friendly team on (02) 8004 1919, see in you the Fastlane soon!

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