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Beyond entertainment purposes, racing on the track at Fastlane Karting gives kids a sense of achievement. As they compete against their peers to win prizes and improve their time they also experience actual control of a real moving vehicle and learn valuable driving skills and respect for safety within a secure environment. Learning to handle a real moving vehicle on a challenging course means reactive driving skills will become second nature. Often karting is the only opportunity children have to handle a vehicle before they obtain their driver’s license and start out on the open road. Practice at Fastlane Karting means kids can learn real life defensive driving skills on more challenging conditions found than with typical pre-license driving lessons. During this time, they learn how to manoeuvre the vehicle out of tricky situations, develop improved hand-eye-pedal coordination in challenging conditions and are taught to have strict respect for motor vehicles. The educational videos shown at the beginning of each session demonstrate why safety is vital when handling a vehicle.

Groups will rotate between 10 Stations set up throughout the center. The stations are educational but most of all FUN and exciting for both students and teachers!

Austrek Tours will look after all the bus transport to and from the school for any booking over 30 people. Provided your school in within the Macarthur District. For schools outside of this district, additional charter fees may apply.


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