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The race is on for Sydney’s fastest drivers!

PRO SERIES (18 Years +) – OPEN SERIES (13-17 Years)

The Fastlane Leaderboard Challenge is the ultimate bragging rights at Fastlane Karting Sydney and is the selection process for the National Hire Kart Challenge!

How does it work?

1. So you’ve made the top 100?

Congratulations, if you’ve  made the top 100  lap time holders for the month. You will then receive an email containing a $15 track pass (during the last week of the month) to help you get your best time on the Fastlane leader board. You can use the discount for the remainder of the month as many times as you like between Tuesday – Friday 4pm till close.

2. The Top 10:

If you’ve made the Top 10 you’re seriously fast! The fastest racers of the month receive a personal invitation to race in the next 10 x 10 Shootout event! The Shootouts run on the first Sunday of every month for the PRO Series & the first Thursday of every month for the OPEN Series, for 2020.

3. Now you’re in the Shootout!

Here’s how it goes, 10 racers, 10 karts, a sprint race in each kart! The best average lap times across the fleet of karts win.

4. Monthly Prizes:

Winning a monthly 10 x 10 shootout gives you legendary status and takes you directly into the 8 x 8 final.

Monthly Prizes:

PRO Series: Cash Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Shootout Winners Trophy

OPEN Series: Merchandise Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Shootout Winners Trophy

5. 10 x 10 Final

All shootout winners will race in the 10 x 10 shootout at Fastlane to find the fastest 4 drivers! (The Fastlane 4)


The Fastlane 4 PRO – WIN the “Ultimate Adrenaline Package”

Indulge yourself in an awesome jam-packed weekend of racing at Queensland’s premier Go Kart track “Kingston Park”. Then be thrilled at the exhilarating display of V8 Supercars at The Gold Coast 600 on the streets of Surfers Paradise!

The Fastlane Top 4 will be immersed in an adrenaline weekend of racing!

The Fastlane 4 OPEN – WIN a road trip, meals, 2 days of racing and entertainment incl Laser Tag, Drifting at LeMans Go Karts in Melbourne!

PRO Shootout dates:

Shootout 1: Sunday 1st March 2020

Shootout 2: Sunday 5th April 2020

Shootout 3: Sunday 3rd May 2020

Shootout 4: Sunday 7th June 2020

Shootout 5: Sunday 5th July 2020

Shootout 6: Sunday 2nd August 2020

Shootout 7: Sunday 6th September 2020

Shootout 8: Sunday 4th October 2020

10 x 10 Shootout: Sunday 18th October 2020 (GRAND PRIZE IS AWARDED)

OPEN Shootout dates:

Shootout 1: Thursday 5th March 2020

Shootout 2: Thursday 2nd April 2020

Shootout 3: Thursday 7th May 2020

Shootout 4: Thursday 4th June 2020

Shootout 5: Thursday 2nd July 2020

Shootout 6: Thursday 6th August 2020

Shootout 7: Thursday 3rd September 2020

Shootout 8: Thursday 1st October 2020

10 x 10 Shootout: Thursday 8th October 2020 (GRAND PRIZE IS AWARDED)

National Hire Kart Challenge Dates:

PRO Series: Queensland Race Days – Fri 30th – Sat 31st October 2020

OPEN Series: Melbourne Race Day – TBA 2020

For more information on these dates visit our Fastlane Race Events Facebook Group HERE! 


Check out the fastest lap times here!

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