Our normal ‘arrive and drive’ and karting events have been cancelled for the moment. However, in order to meet the latest NSW Government COVID-19 public health orders we have developed our new package, New World Karting!


  • Karting is great exercise – research has found that karting burns almost 40% more calories than jogging (for study details please click here).
  • Fastlane Karting is an outdoor facility – we have lots of sun and fresh air!
  • NSW Government allows exercise in outdoor spaces.
  • New World Karting only accepts groups between 2 and 10 people.
  • Social distancing – staff are at a minimum of 1.5m away from group members at all times.


  • Work Health and Safety certified by Commercial Safety Assurance (for certificate of compliance please click here).
  • Fastlane Karting complies with AS/NZS 4801 (Australian and NZ Standard for safety management)
  • Our COVID-19 Risk and Safety Register has been developed alongside Commercial Safety Assurance. The procedures outlined in this register are being implemented in full.


  • Hand sanitiser, gloves and hair nets are provided for each group member.
  • New World Karting restricts touch points. Each group member is asked to only touch their helmet, their seat, and the kart steering wheel. Each of these will be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly between groups.
  • Group members who are unwell are asked to stay at home.
  • Fastlane reserves the right to check the body temperature of any group member. Any person who has a temperature of 37.5°C or above will be asked to leave the premises.
  • The police have been notified of New World Karting and have agreed to check our systems during our opening times.



  • I cannot say enough good things about these people. The Go Karts are fast yet safe, and the track is huge and outside so you don’t breath in fumes and can actually go faster. They have a system in place to keep track of your lap times, etc. so you can track your improvement each visit. The owner regularly has free events, everything from education, mental health, tradies, etc. to benefit the local community! (5 stars)

    Max Garcia
    Max Garcia
  • Such an awesome time at Fastlane! My family group was so impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and how friendly and professional the staff are. My young daughters loved the track, it was so good to get them outdoors rather than being inside and obsessed with their iPads! (5 stars)

    Heidi Lee
    Heidi Lee
  • Great place to have fun with family, friends and hold corporate events. I was there just a few days ago at a corporate event involving men's mental health and had a fantastic time and also formed new connections with other local businesses. Highly recommend for people of all walks of life to head down there! (5 stars)

    Michael Hopwood
    Michael Hopwood
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