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Providing a pathway for kids & teens to enhance their driving skills and gain rewarding racing experiences in a sport they love!

The Junior Race League will run every Wednesday night during school terms, kicking off on February 21! The structured course will see the juniors increasing their fitness with race specific warm up’s and cardio, driving skills & drills, as well as an open 10 minute race section every Wednesday evening. Throughout the term there will be plenty of tips and tricks shared as well as special guest visits from the tracks top lap time holders.


Weekly Courses

  • Week 1 – Welcome & Induction
  • Week 2 – Racing Lines
  • Week 3 – Safety Skills
  • Week 4 – Braking Skills
  • Week 5 – Lap Consistency
  • Week 6 – Enduro Racing
  • Week 7 – Rolling Starts
  • Week 8 – Wet Track & Drifting



 Age Range: 8 – 12 Age Range: 13 – 17
 Track: Drift Track  Track: Main Track
 Price: $25 per week  Price: $30 per week


  • Two 10 minute sessions on track ($50+ value)
  • Technique tips from racing coaches
  • Free Slurpy or Water for each racer
  • Exclusive Junior Race League track time
  • Entry onto Junior & Teen comp leaderboards


“We regularly see kids & teens come to the track who have a passion or talent for racing, with the facilities to provide an exciting sport to local kids the is focused on fun, driving safety and skills… hence the Fastlane junior race league was born” – Dean Choma

The Fastlane team are excited to be able to pass on their knowledge of racing techniques and their passion for creating fun experiences for kart-drivers throughout the Junior Race league terms this year.

The Junior Race League will have two classes and will see the Juniors (8-12 years) in the Silver Class on the Drift Track, with the Teens (13+ years) in the Gold Class racing on the Main Track.

Once the course in in full swing, there will be the opportunity for those in silver class to be graded. Grading will take into consideration the junior’s driving abilities, in particular technique, lap time and safety skills to see if they’re eligible for a gold licence. A Gold Licence will allows a junior to race on the Main Track during designated times at Fastlane Karting.

All lap times during the 10 minute race section of the evening will see their lap times added to Fastlane’s Junior and Teen leaderboards, which can go on to win prizes and be invited to race in monthly team events. (must be at least 140cm tall). 

There will be end of term presentations, with prizes for improvement and effort. The Silver Class will have awesome end of term prizes and the Gold Class will see a DHZ thumpster Moto-X bike given away at the end of 2018 for the fastest teenager in the Junior Race League, as decided by the Gold Teen Shootout Series!

With a start in motorsport usually being extremely expensive, the Fastlane Junior Race league will help parents to set their kids onto a pathway of fun and racing affordably! If you’re teen is fast there’s massive opportunity for them to progress onto the 10 x 10 Shootouts, Enduro Series and Adult leaderboard.


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