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Are you Australia’s next Tander, Chaz or Whincup!? 

We are pleased to announce an exciting new pathway into motorsport for anybody with a passion for racing!
The cost involved in starting a career in motorsport has always been an obvious barrier in the past
for the average person. However, in more recent years Aussie Driver Search has successfully
built an incredible racing program which can make your racing dreams come true… in real racing cars,
on famous Aussie tracks and fully sponsored!

“We give anyone the chance to make it in Motorsport”
– Kyle Austin (ADS founder)

Aussie Driver Search allows anyone an opportunity at motorsport based purely on talent
and not your bank account. They put you behind the of real race cars used in support categories
to the V8 Supercars to compete against other drivers to see who comes out on top.
If you have the talent there are amazing prizes on offer.

Whether you are an experienced driver wanting a career in motorsport as a Supercars driver or are having your
first taste of motorsport, Aussie Driver Search (ADS) has various categories to suit all budgets and experience levels.

“We’ve seen some pretty good go-karters come through,
they’re always the pick of the bunch as they’ve got so much experience”
– Steve Owen (ADS Judge & Highly Acclaimed Driver)

Potential drivers apply to Aussie Driver Search and are selected based on their suitability to their
selected category. Selected drivers are then invited to compete in ADS.

Everyone who takes part in Aussie Driver Search must pay an entry fee which guarantees
a drive of real race cars at one of their qualifying rounds. Aussie Driver Search can accommodate
any driver with various categories to suit any background, budget or experience level.
Applications open 4th February 2018 and will be open for 7 days.

Want a chance to win a guaranteed spot in the 2018 series?

Aussie Driver Search via Fastlane Karting Sydney & The Pepsi Max National Hire Kart Challenge
will be giving 2 lucky drivers guaranteed, fast tracked entry into the search where you can win
a $20,000+ racing sponsorship.

Make sure you hit “HOW TO ENTER” to become involved and stay tuned for our next announcements!


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