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Safe Driving For School’s Program

There is a general agreement among road safety and driver licensing authorities and the broader community, including young people themselves , that more needs to be done to reduce injuries and loss of life among young people on our roads. – RTA 2009

What is it?

Safe driving for school’s program has been described by students as the “Best day of school ever!” Safe Driving For School’s is a program in which Director of Fastlane Dean Choma was very passionate in developing. Safe Driving For School’s Program was designed for educational institutions considering the introduction of road-safety and driving skills into the curriculum. Fastlane Karting offers a highly regulated, comprehensive and safety accredited road safety and driving skills package, thereby arming young people with capabilities that may save lives.


For the last four years we have had a number of schools from the metropolitan Sydney area utilise this service. The concept of introducing road-safety and driving skills into the curriculum is extremely popular as the scary statistics for youth drivers are slowly increasing. This program is designed to increase awareness amongst young children to prevent injuries and loss of life among young people on our roads.

Students are able to get hands on experience!

Safe Driving for schools offers children practical experience where they learn reactive driving skills to take them through life. Students are properly coached in road safety and responsibility and put what they learn into practice while combining excitement with problem-solving and teamwork. Children have the practical experience of operating a moving vehicle and are taught why some behaviours are safe and some are not. Replicated road conditions, traffic lights and road signs are utilised throughout the program to increase students knowledge about road rules they will use later in life.

Educational Benefits:

The educational benefits of the program extend beyond learning to handle a real moving vehicle in adverse conditions, reactive driving skills will become a second nature and stay with the child for life. The National Road Safety Strategy, coordinated by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, states that “Young road users need to be educated in road safety in order to develop the knowledge and attitudes that lead to responsible behaviour on the road. This process includes parents, school-based programs and novice driver training leading to better attitudes and knowledge among road users, including greater: ability to perceive hazards; awareness of safe and responsible practices; sensitivity to all road user groups; and knowledge of, and compliance with, road rules.” – Australian Transport Council, 2009 It is these competencies exactly that are taught to students in the“Driving Skills for Schools” program; designed to provide a safer introduction to youths new to driving.


All karts have been modified to include seat belts, roll cages and bumper bars to ensure maximum safety for students when racing. These modifications are up to date with Australian Karting Safety Standards. Both junior and senior karts are available for every age. The senior karts must be driven by over 12 year olds and junior karts are available for 9-12 year olds. Recent upgrades to our facility include implementation of a crash system, proven to be effective in allowing softer cushioning.


The excursion is set out systematically with stations that are relevant to your school and/or year group. There are a number of stations that can be chosen from and are altered to fit your school. These stations enable students to be hands on whilst learning the fundamentals of driving. Stations can include a safe driving training video, our very own mechanic talking to students about workshop safety and tools used, A karting station where students experience the exercise of control in a real moving vehicle, a rest station, The drag race station which is a start stop observation, A push kart race station, Clintons Toyota station, Impaired Vision and many more.

We want you:

Young people need to be educated at an early age on the statistics, road rules and dangers of driving a motor vehicle. This program’s popularity is increasing in the schools around Sydney and we want to be apart of your students experience in developing road knowledge in young people. Dean Choma believes “Safe Driving for Schools” is the answer in positively altering the youth road statistics and overall influencing the way students participate in safe driving in their future.

Check out some of the schools that have participated in this program below..

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